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Worldwide Bee death…..

by Paul on September 8, 2010

in General, Science

I find it tragic that the world’s Bee population is threatened with extinction unless something can be done about the death of complete hives.  They can apparently suddenly disappear, vacating the hive. Scientists are trying to solve the problem, and there seems to be several factors, but they cant find the main cause, though currently they think that pests parasite and other diseases may be the cause.

Einstein postulated that if the world Bee population were to die, that the worlds human populations would die. When you look at what they pollinate, everything in the food chain is threatened. Perhaps this should be more popular subject than Global Warming-it’s a more immediate threat. Further, it seems that as usual everything other than the most important issues are attended to. Should NASA be closed down until this issue be solved.  The truth is that many people do not believe the predictions of scientists, as it would possibly impinge on their own finances so there is no commitment.

Interestingly  Australia has banned all import of foreign Hives to protect against transfer of possible viruses etc to their populations.

When will this world act wisely and with responsibility-this is more serious than we can imagine?

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