Emerald City Productions


studio001Cosmic Renditions Pre-2000 – An exciting new album tracing interplanetary travel and Alien beings amid
beautiful Alien landscapes. (www.musiczeit.com)

Storm Pre-2000 – A serious Orchestral work picturing a storm from it’s inception to it’s retreat.
Available from itunes.

Naturalvibez Pre-2000 – Scenic and Natural Orchestral works beautifully crafted for the discerning
listener. Available from itunes.

Concepcion – Orchestral Filmic piece, named after small town in Paraguay. This was premiered
at the Stockton Riverside International Music Festival in July 04. Available from itunes.

Imagination – An instrumental album representing a journey, perhaps through space, containing work that
reflects a growing area of great interest – the interaction between rock and classical with melodic themes.
Available from itunes.

OngoingWorks – A contemporary Symphony, with crossover work in it. This may be some time in coming, but is an
ongoing project.

Library Music – Currently available from www.mediamusicnow.com and www.tunetribe.com


  • STIX  – Commendy Film by Steve Peckover starring Libby Davidson and Vic Reeves.
  • TAKE my HAND  – Music to poem by Kosana Vusami.
  • CONCEPCION  – Classical work performed by members of the Northern Sinfonia and conducted by the noted Deborah Mollison.
  • A CENTURY IN STONE  – Trailer score-by Director Craig Hornby.
  • ANNIMEX– International Film Festival Trailer music.
  • STORM  – A Orchestral Symphonic Work released on itunes.
  • OORT CLOUDS – Library Music CD, of Atmospheric Music.
  • NATURALVIBZE – Library Music CD of Orchestral Type works.
  • COSMIC Renditions  – Library Music CD
  • EASY STREET  – Library Music CD
  • NATURALE  – Library Music CD
  • NATRUALFORCE  – Library Music CD
  • KITS & BITS  – Library Music CD
  • ECLECTIC 2 – Library Music CD
  • INDUSTRIANOPLOIS  – Library Music CD
  • SUNKEN WORLD – Library Music CD
  • SENARIO  – Library Music CD
  • STORM  – Library Music CD
  • IMAGINATION  – Library Music CD