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Winter Atlantic Storms…..

by Paul on November 25, 2009

in General

Heck-we’ve been suffering some serious wind and rain here up to 90 mph gusts in the UK-but I love it-I suppose it is the child in me, but that’s ok!  I love freak weather as long as it doesn’t affect me!! LOL  I think a lot of people I talk to don’t understand science, as to me it’s fairly conclusive that global warming is a cert!  I have been trained scientifically, so it all makes sense.

On the Storm front, you have a lot of build up of heat and energy and one way the Earth gets rid of that energy is through storms, which literally dispenses of that energy to the earth through rain and wind.

Sad about those who suffer through homes being flooded though-not a happy situation-maybe we should all live in something more flexible!  I’m sure with modern materials and design capabilities, that an economical design can be generated that could be a standard.

I think that the beauty and the wonder of this world in all it’s forms we experience it, can be a joy  when viewed from a positive perspective!

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