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Volcano’s, Music, Nature, God-they all add to the spice of life!

by Paul on April 19, 2010

in General, Spiritual


Life is a combination of up’s and down’s, and I wonder how we treat the things that would trip us up in life?  Human beings as God’s Creation have a vast capacity to overcome.  There are those who have overcome immense difficulties in life to become ‘warriors’.  With everything ‘plain-sailing’ for we have lost the art of learning.  It has been said that we only learn through our mistakes, which I believe is true.  Churchhill commented on one of his Generals that he was like a ‘Iron Peg in Ice’-that is almost immovable.  Life is to be overcome-not for it to overcome us!

This Volcano for me adds that ‘variation’ in life-that ‘spontaneous thing’ that can beautiful or tiresome or death for some.  Nonetheless, how we look at this can be negative or positive-you could look at the death side and claim all is not lost or the Life side (Which also my Christian beliefs hold true) and say there is always something of beauty and positivity to be found.  I have lost friends, had immediate family members incur brain damage, have had tragedy personally, but I can always see the positive in life.

It depends on what we ‘look‘ at what we ‘see‘.  When we are taught to ‘see’ the best-suddenly it dawns on us that without difficulty their is no growth, no change, no modification of personally damaging behaviour etc.

Therefore to me, Volcano’s, hard things, penniless (I’ve been there) nature threatening and non-threatening or sheer beauty bring that spontaneity to life which brings that fun element or that depth of understanding which brings a richness and depth and joy.  Music quite specifically expresses that for me in a neat way-it is without words and therefore cannot be tainted by words which carry so much evil at times.  It can express goodness, Peace, joy, as well as great tragedies etc. I have written the Classical work ‘STORM’ as my first experiment into the expressing this ‘Torment’ side of Nature in weather.

Once again I hear the Ash Dust Cloud begin to bring that ‘British moan’ out in people-a lot of us have never had it so good!

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