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Snow Snow Snow! UK and USA!

by Paul on December 19, 2009

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Hi All,

Here in Middlesbrough UK, right now we have the heaviest snow for many years-since 1989 when we moved in to this house!  It is inches thick and I have had to take precautions with the car port roof/shed by putting a middle support in the centre, since it is home made and I am not a designer.  Oh well what we be will be!  Alongside, the USA as we speak are having their heaviest snow storms for years-up to 2 feet in places and I know that New York and Washington DC are having the storm.  All the best to you out there!

I often think there is a weird connection between weather patterns in the UK and USA-no science to prove it but I observe that often when the USA gets storms, we have them, and often 2 weeks later as well-can anyone explain?

Still, signing off for the moment


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Siberian Weather!

by Paul on December 14, 2009

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Hi All,

At last we are to get some SNOW with Siberian weather arriving about Wednesday onwards!  Even in Middlesbrough, I believe we might get some light snow.  I am unusual I know, but I love the snow-even at my ‘age advanced’ (Yoda!)  Did you know that a snow flake has 6 points?  How about listening to my piece ‘Christmas in Narnia’.  I think I can hear the snow falling in that!  Christmas in Narnia Come on Christmas!

Merry Christmas


Winter Atlantic Storms…..

by Paul on November 25, 2009

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Heck-we’ve been suffering some serious wind and rain here up to 90 mph gusts in the UK-but I love it-I suppose it is the child in me, but that’s ok!  I love freak weather as long as it doesn’t affect me!! LOL  I think a lot of people I talk to don’t understand science, as to me it’s fairly conclusive that global warming is a cert!  I have been trained scientifically, so it all makes sense.

On the Storm front, you have a lot of build up of heat and energy and one way the Earth gets rid of that energy is through storms, which literally dispenses of that energy to the earth through rain and wind.

Sad about those who suffer through homes being flooded though-not a happy situation-maybe we should all live in something more flexible!  I’m sure with modern materials and design capabilities, that an economical design can be generated that could be a standard.

I think that the beauty and the wonder of this world in all it’s forms we experience it, can be a joy  when viewed from a positive perspective!