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Particle physics and music-how CAN you interpret ‘particles performance’ into music that conveys accurately or non accurately, their status and movement? What an ask! Still I like having a go……

Do other complex worlds just as complex as our own exist in other dimensions co-existing alongside us and can we capture the nuances of these parallel Universes??  They have been postulated to exist by a few scientists, and if that is so, can we pick up their harmonies??

According to physics, the Sub-Atomic World is so complex they call it ‘Exotic’ because of the complexity, beauty, and non-conformance to standard equations.  They are having to build a new mathematical language and ‘archtiecture’ to understand the workings.  What would the music of these ‘worlds’ sound like if they exist?  Scientists say there are 11 to 13 dimensions known to exist-how do these sound?  How does the music of ‘paralell dimensions’ interact with our music?  Interesting question.  Currently, I am writing pieces for an Electronic EP, and the current piece takes a regular but beautiful ‘Glass Bells’ sounds, with other sound creating harmonies.  Then, there are sounds created by mashing pianos that sounds like particles ‘spinning off’ at speed.

This is only a light ‘go’ at this time as there are various other idea’s also claiming thinking time…..

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We are all made from dust clouds in the firmament and that from stars-and then it goes on, the planets and so on….and of a Truth, the Universe was made from the unseen, so the unseen has made me………..!




Scientists have captured what may be the fist specks of interstellar dust-the dust roams in the space of the Universe.  The satellite ‘Stardust’ landed back on earth in 2006, but scientists have only just released their results although they are not conclusive but likely.  To capture the dust, an arm was suspended with a special gel on a pad.  The microscopic particles were viewed under microscope called Aerogel.  Dr Westphal made the announcement.  The particle initially called ‘particle 30’ has been renamed ‘Orion’ by it’s finder in the aerogel.  To collect another speck would $300 million Dollars-so that’s what it’s worth!


Mixing the Music?

by Paul on March 5, 2010

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Hi There,

I’m mixing tracks for the Electronic EP I’m doing.  It has the highest number of track counts so far for this EP.  It is an exploration of the future including spacey sounds and particle Physics level stuff-brilliant.

I released another album on march 3rd-Chthonic Netherworld. This is fully Electronic with synths using the excellant Kore 2 system with Komplete 6 set of Native Intruments series of Plugins.  It is Space orientated with again melodic stuctures and a sense of exploration of the further reaches of the Universe-I loved writing it as it a particular interest area of mine aside other things.  You will be able to get it off www.itunes.com/paulstokes and www.believe.fr/albums/52696.cosimc-renditions.html or hear it at it at: www.downloadplatform.com/paul_stokes and released in 260 countries-enjoy.



Large Hadron Collider at work!

by Paul on December 14, 2009

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The LHC is hard at work and performing well.  Today, two beams were rotated and smashed with a number of good collisions recorded at 2.36 TEV.  Thats high, yet we will see collisions in the future of more than 7 TEV.  All collisions are recorded and computerized and then analyzed for future consideration as prospective candidates for having human analysis performed on them!  Lets hope the Higgs-Boson shows its ugly head!    Carry on the good work!


No Black Hole?

by Paul on December 2, 2009

in Science

Hi All,

Since the successful start-up of the Large Hadron Collider there have been the odd spurious particle collisions.  This has not immediately led to the ‘black hole’ scenario so far.  However we have some way to go till there are full on particle collisions thus proving/disproving the black hole theory.  Hopefully in a short while, we will be up to the full power mode where proton collisions are the norm.  Then and only then will there be potential power to physically prove the generation of a black hole, and then it will probably shudder and die quickly.

With the full power mode of the LHC comes a new area of Physics-we wait with baited breath for the results!


The LHC has been cooled down to -271Deg K  the coolest place in the Universe!  Soon the starting up of the beams can commenced, bringing the worlds biggest machine and experiment on line.  What will be found when the worlds biggest detector fires up and starts seeing particles buzzing about.  I will be continuing my interest on the musical front and incorporating results into my thinking for future musical projects.  Exciting times….Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download