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Particle physics and music-how CAN you interpret ‘particles performance’ into music that conveys accurately or non accurately, their status and movement? What an ask! Still I like having a go……

Do other complex worlds just as complex as our own exist in other dimensions co-existing alongside us and can we capture the nuances of these parallel Universes??  They have been postulated to exist by a few scientists, and if that is so, can we pick up their harmonies??

According to physics, the Sub-Atomic World is so complex they call it ‘Exotic’ because of the complexity, beauty, and non-conformance to standard equations.  They are having to build a new mathematical language and ‘archtiecture’ to understand the workings.  What would the music of these ‘worlds’ sound like if they exist?  Scientists say there are 11 to 13 dimensions known to exist-how do these sound?  How does the music of ‘paralell dimensions’ interact with our music?  Interesting question.  Currently, I am writing pieces for an Electronic EP, and the current piece takes a regular but beautiful ‘Glass Bells’ sounds, with other sound creating harmonies.  Then, there are sounds created by mashing pianos that sounds like particles ‘spinning off’ at speed.

This is only a light ‘go’ at this time as there are various other idea’s also claiming thinking time…..

Listen to some music at:




I love the winter, and snow etc, it helps me for whatever reason to compose. I have the Native Instruments Komplete 7 system and Kore 2. With so many sounds and mangaling facilities, I should come up with some good stuff for the new EP I’m working on. Still mixing the 4th track (been a few weeks now!?) Winter, live on forever-I get more done………

Been listening to Carols..looking forward to my new Denon DM38 Stereo system with Cambridge s20/30


Internet Promotion of Music….

by Paul on September 10, 2010

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Had brilliant night out with the 3 stooges (us 3 composers) Ian Boddy/Marcus Howarth +me!  We discussed how the Internet is full of content already, and how to get the message across-although Ian has a 20 year track record, how do other composers get their work known so they can make a living??  The Internet method doesn’t bode well for starters.  Apparently though the word still is content, content and more content!!!!-so here’s some………….


Imagination Album…..

by Paul on July 21, 2010

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Why not try my latest Album ‘Imagination’-an Instrumental Electronic album-laid back & Cool www.downloadplatform.com/paul_stokes/


Quote! Unique Music!

by Paul on May 5, 2010

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Whatever you brood on will hatch!-A nugget heard the other day-from my daughter!  Hey why not listen to my music www.itunes.com/paulstokes

Hear Zeon



Dream away.....
Dream away…..

Album ‘Imagination’ release (May-June)

Official Site: www.emeraldcitypro.co.uk or Blog: www.emeraldcitypro.co.uk Social Networking: www.facebook.com/paulstokes  www.twitter.com/paul_stokes   www.myspace.com/paulstokes

Imagination was conceived by Paul Stokes as a Studio album (Glenmoor Studio’s) containing undercurrents of classical though remaining strongly Electronic and New Age.  This is a release from his back catalogue where it is going to be more widely available for download.  It is being released by BelieveDigital on many download platforms.  Being well received by the public previously on a smaller scale, more people will be able to enjoy the album on major download platforms.  In small trials, Imagination has had critical acclaim by the public when played on Internet and Capital Radio etc.

Paul Stokes (Stokes-Herbst) ) track record includes being in bands and writing music for the Media and solo albums.  His music can now be found in many countries around the world on film, shorts, advertising etc.  Crossrythmns says “here can be found a pile of influences coming together to make something new”. Imagination is Electronica but is Sc-Fi influenced, with crossing of musical boundaries, creating pleasant but creatively inspiring themes.  It will pull you out and in!

You are invited to explore perhaps deep parallel worlds or deep intertwining themes which will cause you chase dreams……in your head……  The album is available from most reputable digital download stores including itunes/Musiczeit/BelieveDigital and hundreds of  others.  Contact details:

Email Paul Stokes: paulstokesx@ntlworld.com


Hi All,

I am glad to report that the continuing release of my albums continues with ‘Chthonic Netherworld’ on a wider scale.  It is released in nearly 260 countries by BelieveDigital.

It contains Electronic Sytnth music created for Film & TV some of which has been released in America and elsewhere.  Containing Sci-Fi backgrounds, Synth Leads and and Sc-Fi Pads it takes you to other worlds and through space to Alien Worlds.  Your imagination can run riot-the music was partly created for Aliens operating on human beings!-aaaaarrrrrrrggggg-as part of a diploma in writing ‘Music for the Media’.

I take inspiration from many sources from Ian Boddy to Sc-Fi music and Films.  The studio equipment used is the latest gear-Kore 2 and it’s many synthesizers to Propellor heads Reason.  Hopefully people will get the benefit of the latest sounds taking them to the future!

Hear on www.itunes.com/paulstokes www.believedigital.com/artists/90126,paul-stokes-herbst.html  or www.musiczeit.com/directory.php?artist=80&title=Paul+Stokes




RE:Amateur Radio….

by Paul on August 30, 2009

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As well being into Music, I am also a Radio Amateur (Radio Ham).  This involves passing a simple exam and then buying a Transceiver (Transmits & Receives) your signal, and you are ‘On Air”. As being a Ham Radio has a lot to do with radio waves and Electronics it led me into further interests such as Astronomy and Radio Astronomy.  The ‘radio wave’ part of radio, led to an understanding of wider things in the universe such as how and where my Radio waves go once they have left the Earth for example and how they travel around the Earth and my signal is propogated around the globe using the Ionosphere surrounding the Earth.  Interestingly our Sun is involved with the movement of Radio Waves around the earth-and even more so ‘Sun Spots”-they have an 11 year cycle from maximum to minimum, and when at maximum give the best distance around  Earth the signal can travel!

I gain a lot of inspiration from being a Radio Ham and associated subjects for my Music.  I think there is a lot of correlation between the Physics of the Universe and the world we live in and Music. Further , as music is concerned largely with ‘pitch’  & Rhythm’s etc (Frequency), the tie up with the wider Universe, Particle Physics and Astronomy opens up a huge resource for Music to explore. Watch this space for more on my musical exploration of the subject!