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Writing furiously on the 5th track of the comming Electronic Album-‘GEODESIC’-labour of love this one-it has been 4 months so far!!  I love what I’ve got though.  For a ‘similar’ style try

  • http://itunes.apple.com/uk/album/id355462594?affId=1108120

Been accepted into the ‘Guild of Northern Composers‘-Brilliant-will be busy…………

Plenty of my tracks are available for download at all major download sites-itunes, Musiczeit, BelieveDigital etc



Merry Christmas everyone!  Why not give Paul’s music a listen and give someone a Album/download as Christmas present?  There are up to 10 Albums available to choose from!  The Track ‘Christmas in Narnia’ is available on the Album ‘IMAGINATION’.  You may have to copy and paste the link into  your browser address bar:







There are numerous more sites to choose from-have a brilliant Christmas



Album ‘Imagination’

by Paul on October 8, 2010

in Amateur Radio

Hi All,

thank you for your support these past weeks.  Just a reminder that the Album imagination is available from Believe Digital and you can hear the tracks from there or itunes etc  Will be in studio this afternoon still working on the tracks for the forthcoming EP.  A Russian Orchestra is available in Moscow for recording works at very good rates called ‘Moscow Recordings’.  They have all the gear.  Might use them one day for song tracks and works I have.

Cheers for now-Paul


Internet Promotion of Music….

by Paul on September 10, 2010

in Electronic Music, General, Music

Had brilliant night out with the 3 stooges (us 3 composers) Ian Boddy/Marcus Howarth +me!  We discussed how the Internet is full of content already, and how to get the message across-although Ian has a 20 year track record, how do other composers get their work known so they can make a living??  The Internet method doesn’t bode well for starters.  Apparently though the word still is content, content and more content!!!!-so here’s some………….


Hi All,

I am glad to report that the continuing release of my albums continues with ‘Chthonic Netherworld’ on a wider scale.  It is released in nearly 260 countries by BelieveDigital.

It contains Electronic Sytnth music created for Film & TV some of which has been released in America and elsewhere.  Containing Sci-Fi backgrounds, Synth Leads and and Sc-Fi Pads it takes you to other worlds and through space to Alien Worlds.  Your imagination can run riot-the music was partly created for Aliens operating on human beings!-aaaaarrrrrrrggggg-as part of a diploma in writing ‘Music for the Media’.

I take inspiration from many sources from Ian Boddy to Sc-Fi music and Films.  The studio equipment used is the latest gear-Kore 2 and it’s many synthesizers to Propellor heads Reason.  Hopefully people will get the benefit of the latest sounds taking them to the future!

Hear on www.itunes.com/paulstokes www.believedigital.com/artists/90126,paul-stokes-herbst.html  or www.musiczeit.com/directory.php?artist=80&title=Paul+Stokes




Mixing the Music?

by Paul on March 5, 2010

in Electronic Music, General, Music

Hi There,

I’m mixing tracks for the Electronic EP I’m doing.  It has the highest number of track counts so far for this EP.  It is an exploration of the future including spacey sounds and particle Physics level stuff-brilliant.

I released another album on march 3rd-Chthonic Netherworld. This is fully Electronic with synths using the excellant Kore 2 system with Komplete 6 set of Native Intruments series of Plugins.  It is Space orientated with again melodic stuctures and a sense of exploration of the further reaches of the Universe-I loved writing it as it a particular interest area of mine aside other things.  You will be able to get it off www.itunes.com/paulstokes and www.believe.fr/albums/52696.cosimc-renditions.html or hear it at it at: www.downloadplatform.com/paul_stokes and released in 260 countries-enjoy.



£11.00 Royalties for 100Million downloads!

by Paul on October 17, 2009

in Music

Pete Waterman of stock/Aitken/Waterman fame made £11.00 Royalties from 100 Million downloads of a Rick Astley track-what chance do mere mortals like musicians/Composers etc like us have? The music industry is dead! Everybody wants everything for free……

I keep being encouraged to ‘keep going’ the yet figures like this can make me despondent!  Will it lead to the fall of the Music era-or does it lead to true creativity being seen for what it is?

Dont forget, though you can help by downloading my music at itunes/musiczeit etc….see my links…


LHC (Large Hadron Collider) goes live mid Nov

by Paul on September 28, 2009

in General

Hi All,

The LHC comes online to search the infinitely small (well Nearly!) particle Universe down to unheard of levels.  This will reveal secrets about the construction of the sub atomic strata of the ‘ether’.  When I use construction, I mean it in the sense of order and pattern.  To me the deeper I go into this Universe, the more I find it difficult to engage with the thinking of just chance.  The strange construction and order at these levels, and their almost unbelievable  stability lead me further into the belief of a hand at work way beyond the scope of our understanding.  I would one day love to investigate musically the idea’s that man is discovering holds the Universe together with such force so that Earth’s inhabitants are ‘safe’.  I know composer’s of past, have tried, and come up with interesting idea’s.

Are there any other musicians/composers etc who are interested in similar ventures out there?

I wonder how the ‘God Particle’ came to be so named-was it only the slim connection that it might hold things together i.e.. Gravity-It’s a loose connection I think?  However it will be interesting to see whether the gravity particle can be found?

Here’s looking forward…..

See/hear also album ‘Cosmic Renditions’ at myspace.com/paulstokes for a more musical investigation of  other worlds etc……

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Free Internet Music?

by Paul on September 5, 2009

in Music

No-if you saw a painting in a shop window, you wouldn’t expect the artist to walk up to you and give it to you free-he has spent many hours crafting it, thinking about it, putting it on canvass-work done. Why  is the shop window of the Internet any different? I can see no argument that works-do you?  Yes there me ‘tasters’ as when people give away samples of cake in a cake shop, but the bulk of the work is paid for-you wouldn’t expect the whole cake as a taster!

Nature expects a return-even bacteria have a symbiotic relationship with a fungus they live inside of-the fungus gets something, and the bacteria also gets something-mutually helpful!  Life isn’t free!

79 pence for a track as on itunes is also up for grabs-I personally think it is on the low side but that is not for this blog today.