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Internet Promotion of Music….

by Paul on September 10, 2010

in Electronic Music, General, Music

Had brilliant night out with the 3 stooges (us 3 composers) Ian Boddy/Marcus Howarth +me!  We discussed how the Internet is full of content already, and how to get the message across-although Ian has a 20 year track record, how do other composers get their work known so they can make a living??  The Internet method doesn’t bode well for starters.  Apparently though the word still is content, content and more content!!!!-so here’s some………….


£11.00 Royalties for 100Million downloads!

by Paul on October 17, 2009

in Music

Pete Waterman of stock/Aitken/Waterman fame made £11.00 Royalties from 100 Million downloads of a Rick Astley track-what chance do mere mortals like musicians/Composers etc like us have? The music industry is dead! Everybody wants everything for free……

I keep being encouraged to ‘keep going’ the yet figures like this can make me despondent!  Will it lead to the fall of the Music era-or does it lead to true creativity being seen for what it is?

Dont forget, though you can help by downloading my music at itunes/musiczeit etc….see my links…


Hi All,

I’d like to introduce you to Musiczeit.com who are purveyors of Hi Quality downloadable music.  I now have posted 4 albums Cosmic Renditions, Storm, Chthonic Netherworld, and Easy Street up for download.  The site claim to be the only one worldwide where you can download albums at full CD Lossless quality and 256K mp3 quality-here’s what they have to say:

“We all jumped for joy when CD came along, right? Great sound quality, no scratches, no messing about. So now what’s happening? Download music is everywhere, and CD is being put out to pasture. But wait, there’s a catch. Most download music is “lossy”. And this means inferior sound quality to CD. MP3, AAC, WMA. It’s all lossy.

We at MusicZeit.com believe you should have the best of both worlds. Instant download access to the music you want, but no loss of quality. That’s why all our albums are available in lossless CD quality as well as top-notch 256K MP3 if you want to listen to things “on the move”. And we don’t do individual tracks. Like you, we feel the music needs to be heard in context, as part of a full album or EP.

You don’t have to compromise in the digital download era. Let your kids get their “quick track fix” on other sites, while you download the full album, full artwork, in full CD quality, from MusicZeit.com

Full albums. Full artwork. Full CD quality. The only way.”

Perhaps they have a persuasive  argument?  As a composer of music and not spending a lot of hours listening, I’m not sure whether I can comment authoritatively .  I swing between the thought that mp3 at the low end sample rate, is all that most people are interested in, and, that maybe those who can be bothered to buy music are more discerning than I think.  Speaking personally, I was always interested in as high a quality of sound that I could get.  This has carried over to my compositional side where I follow the ‘holy grail’ of top recording quality  as standard.  Does that make me a an audiophile?-I don’t think so in that I am thinking of the people that would be listening, and hoping that the high end quality that is available relatively easily makes the listening experience a joy-drawing scenes and pictures that only a few decades ago were unheard of.

Returning to musiczeit-good on you and I am sure that the idea will catch-on.  You get full CD quality, artwork and at good rates…there is a market here!

Paul Stokes