Emerald City Productions

Cycles per second

Hi All,

Hope you have been ok in the big freeze?  During the heavy snow here in the UK recently, I came down from the studio and took a look out of the window and observed nature making music.  We have two telephone wires, one to our property and one to the next, connected to a telephone pole some 60 feet away.  Heavy snow lies -some 5-8 inches on the ground and the two telephone wires are covered with some one inch of snow.  The pole supports 14 phone lines radially and is the centre-point.  The temperature outside is -5 Deg C. The phone lines are very strong being made of Beryllium-copper and always have good tension even in cold weather.  There was also no wind at all.

As I was watching the snow, I saw significant movement of the 2 lines, and suddenly realized they were oscillating!  As I closely observed, I worked out that the frequency was about 1.5-2 Hz (Cycles per second)  I wondered what was the reason-and from my science background knew that they needed an ‘input’ force to create the oscillation.  As with the violin bow, that is the input energy/force.

Wondering where the input to generate the oscillation was coming from, I noticed that the boiler condensation and fumes were rising up exactly underneath the two lines-eureka!  The rise of the powerful energy in the ‘wind’ created by the plume of fumes was ‘stroking’ the lines causing them to resonate!  From my observations, nothing else was apparent to create the oscillation-not even a little Elf pushing the telegraph pole!

I immediately have thought about composing around this event to create a little piece.  Should I do this Electronically or with orchestra?  Should it be slow at the frequency of the oscillation-in which case not much of it can be heard, or do I use instrumentation to create the effect?  Oh well, life is a joy…