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by Paul on April 1, 2011

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Exploring the depths of sub atomic particles-a Netherworld in itself….of musical exploration..I am on the trail!

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Particle physics and music-how CAN you interpret ‘particles performance’ into music that conveys accurately or non accurately, their status and movement? What an ask! Still I like having a go……

Do other complex worlds just as complex as our own exist in other dimensions co-existing alongside us and can we capture the nuances of these parallel Universes??  They have been postulated to exist by a few scientists, and if that is so, can we pick up their harmonies??

According to physics, the Sub-Atomic World is so complex they call it ‘Exotic’ because of the complexity, beauty, and non-conformance to standard equations.  They are having to build a new mathematical language and ‘archtiecture’ to understand the workings.  What would the music of these ‘worlds’ sound like if they exist?  Scientists say there are 11 to 13 dimensions known to exist-how do these sound?  How does the music of ‘paralell dimensions’ interact with our music?  Interesting question.  Currently, I am writing pieces for an Electronic EP, and the current piece takes a regular but beautiful ‘Glass Bells’ sounds, with other sound creating harmonies.  Then, there are sounds created by mashing pianos that sounds like particles ‘spinning off’ at speed.

This is only a light ‘go’ at this time as there are various other idea’s also claiming thinking time…..

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Mixing 4th Track for EP……

by Paul on November 3, 2010

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I have nearly mixed the 4th track track for the Electronic EP…just needs a polish…..might be 6 months….LOL…..

I am on with getting the final sounds perfect and right-if not it wont work!



Electronic EP has grown!

by Paul on October 12, 2010

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Hi All,

In my latest attempts at writing the latest Electronic track have caused me to add a bass line where there was none.  I had a brilliant drum feel to the track and thought I not need to add a bass line-so deep the ground shook–I now have to try it after experimenting!  Then come the effects bending……thought I was up to the mastering stage!!



Internet Promotion of Music….

by Paul on September 10, 2010

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Had brilliant night out with the 3 stooges (us 3 composers) Ian Boddy/Marcus Howarth +me!  We discussed how the Internet is full of content already, and how to get the message across-although Ian has a 20 year track record, how do other composers get their work known so they can make a living??  The Internet method doesn’t bode well for starters.  Apparently though the word still is content, content and more content!!!!-so here’s some………….



I am disappointed as well as the Scientists with the news that the LHC is to close for modifications for a year at the end of 2011.  It is to address design issues.  Joints between the machines magnets must be strengthened to cope with the 14Tev the higher operating state.  As a musician and composer, this affects directly my ‘ inspiration source’ for the work that I am currently producing.  This is the exploration and interpretation of  particle collisions and fields through Music.  So far, I have been able to examine with two tracks, the effects of Fields and collisions.  I find want to interpret the collision and the resulting spin.  In a lecture at the Darlington Astronomy club the other day, it was said that some Gamma Ray particles have the equivalent energy of a tennis ball travelling at 100mph!  Imagine one sub-atomic particle having that much power/kick!  How can I replicate that with Music?  I have some idea’s.  I work out the idea’s sometimes a bit graphically, or imagine what the equivalent in music would be say-a spinning particle would have a known frequency or pitch.  Though the spinning particle might have a far higher frequency of spin than can be replicated by a note, you can down size the frequency and using a representative note-frequency, approximate all other spins to their relative frequencies.  Fields might be represented by held chords and so on…..further using Synths and orchestral arrangements etc to create the piece.  I hope this gives a little insight into the methods used at times for inspiration…..




I am a working composer and in the last few years have had the opportunity to watch the rise and fall of some Artists in the music industry.  I am basically a positive person and so believe that I have a relatively realistic view of the music industry as a whole having also spent some time in it.  I am beginning to believe however that the ‘old adage the musicians lot is largely a poor one in life.

It is reckoned that only 6% of Artists whether Music/Art/Performing are working in terms of making a ‘living’.  I think this is largely true.  There always seems to be a core minority of artists who seem to be in work.  This is very difficult to accept when young and full of creativity and wanting to ‘take the World by storm’, however the reality is there are only a few who are going to ‘make it’.

Lets take  look at whats out there.  There are two camps in my thinking-those who are signed to ‘Record Deals’ and those who are not.  You first need to ask how those who are signed to record deals got there?  There are several things that separate them, and steps they have taken in most cases.

Firstly ‘Providence’-being in the right place at the right time!  Unfortunately true.  It’s just the way it is, and although you can do something to get there through hard work and being ready, it’s eventually out of your hands!  What percentage the unforeseen makes up I’m not sure, but it’s there. I have seen a documentary on a famous composer of Hans Zimmer’s stature, and when asked how it all happened say “I’m not the most talented composer but better than some-it’s just that circumstances came together and I met ‘so and so’ and it took off from there”.  Sometimes you came cause ‘that meeting’ to be more likely by taking your work somewhere personally to a Composer or Artist or Producer or Record Label, but this has to be at your cost as well in time.  You will have to travel-even abroad-to London or wherever the likely place they might be-but you will have to do it, otherwise you will lessen your odds of ‘making it’.

On the issue of ‘making it’-what does that mean?  Well for me there are things far more important than money-in fact the art form is more important than money and what you produce.  Are you willing to suffer financially for a period of time-even years?  There are even some who have died for their Art!  I believe there is more to life than money, and you will say well how do I live?  I believe in a ‘Creator’ however you may look at Him, and if you move in line with your ‘Creative Self’ things will come together!   Things outside of your control will move circumstances ‘into line’ and you will find yourself in places you never dreamt of!  I once had a dream where my music was being played by an Orchestra-a real live one-further I felt that it was a direction I should move in.  One day through training Seminars in Middlesbrough-the North East  of England, there was an A&R man called Russ Conway.  Through that meeting, he particularly rated a piece of mine that was called Concepcion (called after a small Town in South America)  He felt it was similar in style to Goretsky (English Spelling) – a Polish Composer.  I had a demo ready and had to also Score the piece, and Deborah Mollison was called in to Orchestrate the work.  After all this was done, Russ arranged for members of the Northern Sinfonia to perform the work at the Stockton Riverside Music Festival one year-it was brilliant. It was a highlight and a beginning for me!

Interestingly, I also was in the place of having studied, practiced worked towards the goal I was trying to attain-and it could be said -in line with my ‘creative self’.  You are less lightly ot achieve what you want in life without input and cost from yourself.  The current move to create ‘Stars‘ and ‘instant success’ in several walks of life, is a an anathema to me-it is a foreign land!  I don’t think that is how things should work.  If your work/study/input brings success, that is the way things come about, otherwise there can be big falls ahead as we all know!  The success is not actually the point, it is an aside-the result is-the painting-the piece of music-the performance-that is the point.

This brings me on neatly to those who are not signed to ‘Record Deals’.  I constantly assert that the most important thing is to be ‘doing something’ with your art and that is the point-it has ‘value in itself’ as I believe Human Beings’ are of inestimable value to the Creator, therefore what they produce is inherently of value.  Nothing can be worse than to be doing something without being valued for it.  Modern thinking places no value on the Human Being as they believe there is no purpose to existence!   What a dreadful and depressive condition to be in.  I ask how do you produce anything when it is purposeless and pointless-and a lot of modern art and music reflects this Godless view and I cannot see how you can continue working under these conditions-you might as well leave your brushes in the water jar for ever!  Similarly with music-smash up your guitar-isn’t the action of smashing your guitar up ‘saying’-there is no purpose-life is futile-God is dead-there is no need for existence?  The opposite is true-Produce Produce Produce! Work Work Work!

In summary, for the ‘unsigned’, go for it, do all you can to be in the place with your skills-sharpen them constantly-don’t give up-push through depression and the uninspired moments-you will get-they’re part of the journey!  The best way for me during these times is to sharpen my skills and get my head down and produce however slowly-there is a purpose-enjoy!


£11.00 Royalties for 100Million downloads!

by Paul on October 17, 2009

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Pete Waterman of stock/Aitken/Waterman fame made £11.00 Royalties from 100 Million downloads of a Rick Astley track-what chance do mere mortals like musicians/Composers etc like us have? The music industry is dead! Everybody wants everything for free……

I keep being encouraged to ‘keep going’ the yet figures like this can make me despondent!  Will it lead to the fall of the Music era-or does it lead to true creativity being seen for what it is?

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Hi All,

I’d like to introduce you to Musiczeit.com who are purveyors of Hi Quality downloadable music.  I now have posted 4 albums Cosmic Renditions, Storm, Chthonic Netherworld, and Easy Street up for download.  The site claim to be the only one worldwide where you can download albums at full CD Lossless quality and 256K mp3 quality-here’s what they have to say:

“We all jumped for joy when CD came along, right? Great sound quality, no scratches, no messing about. So now what’s happening? Download music is everywhere, and CD is being put out to pasture. But wait, there’s a catch. Most download music is “lossy”. And this means inferior sound quality to CD. MP3, AAC, WMA. It’s all lossy.

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Full albums. Full artwork. Full CD quality. The only way.”

Perhaps they have a persuasive  argument?  As a composer of music and not spending a lot of hours listening, I’m not sure whether I can comment authoritatively .  I swing between the thought that mp3 at the low end sample rate, is all that most people are interested in, and, that maybe those who can be bothered to buy music are more discerning than I think.  Speaking personally, I was always interested in as high a quality of sound that I could get.  This has carried over to my compositional side where I follow the ‘holy grail’ of top recording quality  as standard.  Does that make me a an audiophile?-I don’t think so in that I am thinking of the people that would be listening, and hoping that the high end quality that is available relatively easily makes the listening experience a joy-drawing scenes and pictures that only a few decades ago were unheard of.

Returning to musiczeit-good on you and I am sure that the idea will catch-on.  You get full CD quality, artwork and at good rates…there is a market here!

Paul Stokes