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SPL Vitalizer Mk II for Mastering processor reborn…!

by Paul on April 8, 2010

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Hi All,

For those who are Mastering audio, the debated questions go round the topics of polish, spectral content, harmonic content etc.  For me I have for years used Steinbergs Wavelab with material which is almost of entirely computer generated audio.  As you may well know, many complain that audio composed entirely by computer can be cold and harsh rather than warm and silky and endearing.  I have been aware of these views and in the back of my mind, have felt that my material lacks that certain ‘something’ as described above.  I have several albums released via Digital Download stores-itunes/Amazon/Musiczeit etc, and they were processed with Wavelab.

Recently, I reworked the studio enabling me to include ‘external hardware’ using Logic Pro Studio.  Suddenly, I remembered a piece of gear that I stored for a few years called an SPL Vitalizer.  On research, I found out that it was the ‘Rolls Royce’ of exciters using Physco-Acoustic properties rather than the addition of harmonics to lift the quality of the audio.  SPL have created a Plugin copy of the Vitalizer Mk II that is used as ‘replacement’.Roblox Hack Free Robux

As I have the original, I inserted the Vitalizer and got a track ready for experiment.  The track for trials was an Electronic track that I have written for a future EP and has the required ‘atmospheric’ passages.  I set up the Vitalizer and put the audio through the Vitalizer path adjusting the controls for the smooth and silky sound that my computer setup apparently ‘cant’ produce.

On comparison the difference astounded me!  Here was the sound that I had missed-even though trying to generate it with ‘warming’ plugins imported within Wavelab also PSP’s Vintage warmer etc.

Does this mean that I am a convert to analogue gear?  Well I am ‘really over the moon’ and ‘wonder’ at the design in these units-astounding.  I am now a convert to the principle of mixing analogue gear with the Computer Studio as much as I can as money allows!


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