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Snow, Snow, and more Snow…..! Happy New Year 2010!

by Paul on January 2, 2010

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all!!!!!!

We are still seeing the New year in with lots of snow….etc…..in Middlesbrough.  I cant write Music because its still a feeding frenzy and Christmas spirit being the end of the season.  Still I have plenty of get up and go for this year-lots of ideas and not enough time to put them into practice.  Just bought 1.5TB Iomega External Hard Drive for backing up the 2 Mac’s as one has just been compromised by another program-I’m not happy!  Mac’s are the best though.

Saw Dr Who-brilliant-wonder how Matt Smith is going to fare?  I think it is despicable how he has already been judged by the ‘not very clever British’.

My daughter is complaining about the cold house, even though the house has reached a room temperature of 18.5 Deg C.  She said the radiators are off, but doesn’t realize that is because the house is up to the temperature of a moderate summers day!

Avatar!-I’m going-it’s a must,wonder what the sound track is like…..?

Have a brilliant and Happy New Year


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