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by Paul on August 30, 2009

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As well being into Music, I am also a Radio Amateur (Radio Ham).  This involves passing a simple exam and then buying a Transceiver (Transmits & Receives) your signal, and you are ‘On Air”. As being a Ham Radio has a lot to do with radio waves and Electronics it led me into further interests such as Astronomy and Radio Astronomy.  The ‘radio wave’ part of radio, led to an understanding of wider things in the universe such as how and where my Radio waves go once they have left the Earth for example and how they travel around the Earth and my signal is propogated around the globe using the Ionosphere surrounding the Earth.  Interestingly our Sun is involved with the movement of Radio Waves around the earth-and even more so ‘Sun Spots”-they have an 11 year cycle from maximum to minimum, and when at maximum give the best distance around  Earth the signal can travel!

I gain a lot of inspiration from being a Radio Ham and associated subjects for my Music.  I think there is a lot of correlation between the Physics of the Universe and the world we live in and Music. Further , as music is concerned largely with ‘pitch’  & Rhythm’s etc (Frequency), the tie up with the wider Universe, Particle Physics and Astronomy opens up a huge resource for Music to explore. Watch this space for more on my musical exploration of the subject!

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