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LHC-working smoothly ready for Beam circulation….

by Paul on November 18, 2009

in Science

The LHC is working very smoothly so far, and beams are now circulating the mammoth circle, ready to find the ‘GOD Particle’…the latest from the LHC page is:..

The LHC operations teams are preparing the machine for circulating beams and things are going very smoothly. ALICE and LHCb are getting used to observing particle tracks coming from the LHC beams. During the weekend of 7-8 November, CMS also  saw its first signals from beams dumped just upstream of  the experiment cavern….

Here’s looking out for the Higgs-Boson…the one that may describe the ‘field’ to all things...well not maybe everything!?

I am thinking of how I can compose something to it with Electronic sounds!!!!????

Cheers to the team!


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