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LHC closure hits the Music as well!

by Paul on March 7, 2010

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I am disappointed as well as the Scientists with the news that the LHC is to close for modifications for a year at the end of 2011.  It is to address design issues.  Joints between the machines magnets must be strengthened to cope with the 14Tev the higher operating state.  As a musician and composer, this affects directly my ‘ inspiration source’ for the work that I am currently producing.  This is the exploration and interpretation of  particle collisions and fields through Music.  So far, I have been able to examine with two tracks, the effects of Fields and collisions.  I find want to interpret the collision and the resulting spin.  In a lecture at the Darlington Astronomy club the other day, it was said that some Gamma Ray particles have the equivalent energy of a tennis ball travelling at 100mph!  Imagine one sub-atomic particle having that much power/kick!  How can I replicate that with Music?  I have some idea’s.  I work out the idea’s sometimes a bit graphically, or imagine what the equivalent in music would be say-a spinning particle would have a known frequency or pitch.  Though the spinning particle might have a far higher frequency of spin than can be replicated by a note, you can down size the frequency and using a representative note-frequency, approximate all other spins to their relative frequencies.  Fields might be represented by held chords and so on…..further using Synths and orchestral arrangements etc to create the piece.  I hope this gives a little insight into the methods used at times for inspiration…..


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