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Ladder Course!

by Paul on December 3, 2009

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Hi All,

A friend of mine Philip was visiting an outlying village town near here.  He went into this shop that sold toys as well as other things.  He went to a counter upstairs in the shop and requested a toy off the shelf  behind the salesperson who was young as there were none on the floor.  There was a small pair of steps behind the counter near the shelves.  shyly the lad mentioned that he couldn’t reach and get it.  My friend enquired sensitively, why?  The lad replied that he was not allowed to.  At this my friend started to get annoyed, and requested why?  He again relied that he was not allowed to-but he would get the manager!  On enquiring why he needed to get the manager, he replied that that he hadn’t been on the ‘Ladder Course’!  Obviously his manager had been as he came and promptly retrieved the ‘just out of reach’ waiting item from the shelves!

This is a true story and shows how ridiculous we have become in many areas of life.  We are not allowed to think for ourselves anymore or assess risk ourselves!  Surely a young adult has enough skills to assess the risk of climbing a 3 step ladder?  Surely someone has looked into the risk and fall rate off 3 step ladders and come to the conclusion that maybe only a few get hurt and it isn’t worth the cost of health and safety?  If nature is intent on killing us or seriously injuring us, then it will happen!  There is a cost to be weighed against the risk, and the risk is so slight in many scenario’s that cost of education which should be common sense, must not be worth the millions of pounds these courses cost a year.  We have everything on a plate these days-maybe we need to be given the chance to think for ourselves as God gave us a reasoning ability!  It has just as ridiculous as Political Correctness!

Cheers & a safe Christmas!

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