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Free Internet Music?

by Paul on September 5, 2009

in Music

No-if you saw a painting in a shop window, you wouldn’t expect the artist to walk up to you and give it to you free-he has spent many hours crafting it, thinking about it, putting it on canvass-work done. Why  is the shop window of the Internet any different? I can see no argument that works-do you?  Yes there me ‘tasters’ as when people give away samples of cake in a cake shop, but the bulk of the work is paid for-you wouldn’t expect the whole cake as a taster!

Nature expects a return-even bacteria have a symbiotic relationship with a fungus they live inside of-the fungus gets something, and the bacteria also gets something-mutually helpful!  Life isn’t free!

79 pence for a track as on itunes is also up for grabs-I personally think it is on the low side but that is not for this blog today.

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