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Countryside and Music…

by Paul on August 22, 2009

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Hi,  I wonder how many Musicians and composers find their inspiration in the Uk countryside?  Fortunately I live 10mins from beautiful countryside in the North York Moors.   These are Heather covered with a rich diversity of animal life etc.  Alongside that I can find inspiration in a busy town or the night sky being an armchair Astronomer!  Sometimes I take a dictaphone with me to record melodies, as I soon forget them.  Having a large bank of these recordings, means that I can sue them for any purpose, sometimes twisting them to fit Electronic Landscapes with Phasers, or using the melody in classical compositions.

I would love to move further North to Scotland or further up, and have a Studio adjoining the house, to enable inspiration.  ‘Pincinthorpe Forest’ a piano work of mine was created to eulogize the forest scene before me being a local forest-you can find this on the Album ‘Natraule’ sold on itunes.  Well back to other things……..cheers…..

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