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No Black Hole?

by Paul on December 2, 2009

in Science

Hi All,

Since the successful start-up of the Large Hadron Collider there have been the odd spurious particle collisions.  This has not immediately led to the ‘black hole’ scenario so far.  However we have some way to go till there are full on particle collisions thus proving/disproving the black hole theory.  Hopefully in a short while, we will be up to the full power mode where proton collisions are the norm.  Then and only then will there be potential power to physically prove the generation of a black hole, and then it will probably shudder and die quickly.

With the full power mode of the LHC comes a new area of Physics-we wait with baited breath for the results!


LHC-large Hadron Collider….

by Paul on November 26, 2009

in General, Science

Hi All,

Great news-the LHC has started back up and is smashing Protons-even though it is at low energy.  It proves the great Detectors work and the whole machine is basically functional withe beams traveling in opposite directions.  At these low energies, we wont get exotic particles like the  proposed higgs-Boson, until the great machine is ramped up gradually to the final operating voltage.  However the last few days have been great days for Physics!

The energies will be ramped up in stages to achieve a final operating voltage, where we can begin to expect collisions that produce the particles we would expect to see just a few milliseconds after the big-bang!  When this is achieved,  hope to produce rare particles that exist for only a fraction of a second, and that produce that elusive so called God particle!

This particle the Higgs-Boson, is supposed to be related to gravity-the great unknown force in the Universe.  Once this is discovered/proved, then they may be able to understand how matter is ‘held together’ in a manner so elusive.  Currently they think this may be in an all pervasive field throughout the whole Universe!    Lets look forward to the future and all it contains………..

Personally, I am exploring some of these topics through music which you can access through this site…..


The LHC has been cooled down to -271Deg K  the coolest place in the Universe!  Soon the starting up of the beams can commenced, bringing the worlds biggest machine and experiment on line.  What will be found when the worlds biggest detector fires up and starts seeing particles buzzing about.  I will be continuing my interest on the musical front and incorporating results into my thinking for future musical projects.  Exciting times….Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download


The LHC is working very smoothly so far, and beams are now circulating the mammoth circle, ready to find the ‘GOD Particle’…the latest from the LHC page is:..

The LHC operations teams are preparing the machine for circulating beams and things are going very smoothly. ALICE and LHCb are getting used to observing particle tracks coming from the LHC beams. During the weekend of 7-8 November, CMS also  saw its first signals from beams dumped just upstream of  the experiment cavern….

Here’s looking out for the Higgs-Boson…the one that may describe the ‘field’ to all things...well not maybe everything!?

I am thinking of how I can compose something to it with Electronic sounds!!!!????

Cheers to the team!



Cyber Warfare 'Coming of Age'…..

by Paul on November 17, 2009

in General, Science

Unbelievably the Net is so entrenched in our modern life that warfare can actually be carried out by Computer! – Nations are piling resources resources into this type of disablement.  The targets are Nations infrastructure, and it seems has already been used by the US in Iraq.

“To go to physical war requires billions of dollars,” he said. “To go to cyber war most people can easily find the resources that could be used in these kind of attacks.” -Mr Day

May be my watch may someday self explode!-but as the theatre of war grows, devices could be planted in the most unlikely places such as the ‘bomb in a computer’ type scenario often seen on film such as Bond etc  though the main threat is reconnaissance and infrastructure………..


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