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Blade-runner music……

by Paul on December 19, 2009

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Hi All,

Just heard the music of Blade-runner again by Vangelis-the digitally remastered film-thought it was brilliant.  Loved the synths which sounded very cool-yamaha CS 80 I believe. Plenty of reverb with very smooth reverb tails.  Lovely smooth overall sound-I wonder, did they use any real tape-or Digital tape emulation?  He caught the sense of the movie very well, and drove it in place where the was need.  I am aware that Ian Boddy has had his tracks remastered, having it put onto 2 inch tape then back into computer sequencer for further work.

I use Logic Pro Studio sequencer with Native Instruments Kore 2 system.  Very powerful arsenal as I am finding at the moment, and using it to compose my next EP.  I want to achieve similar quality sound that Vangelis has got on the film.  In my initial foray into film music, I have not yet got the perfect sound in the mix.  Hopefully that will change with this setup that I am using…….Merry Christmas!

Speak soon-Paul

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