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studio004Living in Middlesbrough, England, Paul has had classical and rock experience and spends his time composing and creating new works. Co-forming the band Giantkiller led to concerts and albums both in the UK and USA. At this time the punk era was born, but the band remained rock-influenced, although borrowing some of the punk energy!
Two albums were made with the band, one in Pasadena, USA, and one in County Durham, England. He continued to write songs and instrumental works along the way, eventually completing the instrumental album-‘IMAGINATION’.

Paul’s musical background was grounded in classical styles on the piano, but he quickly found that style restrictive and progressed, learning from other musical styles, typically Pop, Rock and Electronic music.

His writing crosses over the divides of Classical/Rock/Electronic and other genres, using some of the latest Hi-tech studio production techniques. Writing in various styles, rich textures and melodic themes drive him, producing a “film-like” quality.

A change in direction came after successfully completing a Diploma in ‘Music for the Media’ (Film, TV, Corporate Video, Games etc) through Deepwater Blue and being qualified as a Certified Media Composer through The Los Angeles Film Institute. He now has film scores under his belt such as for ‘STIX’, and starring Vic Reeves and Libby Davison and various other works completed such as ‘A Century in Stone’ by Film Director Craig Hornby. For a full Discography please click on the ‘Works’ page.


Paul will continue with experimental works and compositions, including Classical and Electronic music and other collaborations. A Symphony is in progress possibly combining Electronic and Orchestral techniques. Further research and development of idea’s and theme’s make up his time. Current area’s of interest include Particle Physics-Quarks/Strings and Astronomy etc, with their interpretation into musical form-however that is another story!
As well, the Library Music Film/TV Composition side will engage a lot of his time.

The Music…Paul Stokes music is available by clicking the Links on the Links page and taking you to the itunes, Musiczeit, Mediamusicnow and Amazon sites.