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‘Acidifying oceans’ threaten food supply, UK warns

by Paul on December 14, 2009

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Almost or more serious than GLOBAL WARMING is the Acidification of the oceans!  It affects the sea Biomass-the fish, the Plankton, the food supply-which in turn affects up to a billion people in the world.  This is a forgotten catastrophe!  We forget what a connected world we live in and I believe we are at a threshold where if nothing is done soon, we will start dying as a world.  Maybe the scientists are the ones taking notice and why space exploration is such an important practice!  They know we are limited in space and resources, and that one way out is colonization of other worlds?  I’m not sure myself.  Perhaps there are other issues that if solved, would lead to acceptable resolution-but thats another story as they say!  As an aside-somehow topical, why not listen for fun to my album ‘Chthonic Netherworlds’ on www.itunes.com/paulstokes  Album-Chthonic Netherworlds

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