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Paul Stokes at work-some say!
Paul Stokes at work-some say!

Paul is a Multi-Genre Music Composer creating works from Classical through to Ambient Electronic and Rock.  Paul writes largely for Film & TV and Production Library Music Facilities.

Paul also has gained a recent interest in the Avante-Garde including  Ambient-Electronic music, exploring the less frequented edges of musical expression and is pursuing this path alongside all other Library Music work.  One field of interest is that the relation of Particle Physics and music, and whether we can explore the relationship effectively.  This means gaining some understanding of particle spin, frequencies, and whether these relationships can be represented effectively in the audio spectrum.   The real world is full of ‘strange’ particles and laws that have been given weird names, that our whole existence relies on.  One such particle is the lowly Photon, which can be observed in two places at once!  Compositions are solely written on computer, as this technology has ‘caught up’ with real instruments.  It is therefore nearly possible these days to recreate in sound, whatever a composer is imagining!  The Future is out there and is just beginning!  Early Electronics allowed new sounds to be produced that were exceptional for their time, but the advance in electronics and computer processing power has meant a quantum leap in the production of new sounds that are beyond imagining almost!

Pauls works are publicly available from most major Digital Download Labels.  He has recently signed a contract with BelieveDigital, that will expand his prescence on the Net.

You can buy the Music from several sources from BelieveDigital/itunes/Musiczeit/Mediamusicnow/Audiomicro. You can find out more by going to the ‘about’  Tab.  Paul writes “I trust you will enjoy these pages and experience more of the wonderful world of Music. I am a very busy person with family as well as music, but I will endeavor to answer any questions eventually!”

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